Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has been attacked by the media constantly following the 2013 drama in Washington between him and former head coach Mike Shanahan. To quell his haters who frequently call out his commercials and injuries, RG3 released this lengthy statement via Facebook: 

“You see WE do these things because they make us comfortable. Not to be different. Been wearing a sleeve and glove for 10 years. You see WE are a team. You think I want it to be national news that I visit a beach? Or shop at Walmart? Or wore red shoes instead if green yesterday? Well I don’t.

"I’m “striving” for greatness just like my fellow teammates do. The “attention” that comes with being a QB in the league is what you are referring to. All the press conferences and talking to the media? Mandated by the league to have a press conference every week during the season and during team activities during the off-season. 

"Oh wait, you must be talking about the Commercials? Right? Oh ok so what was the deal with those in 2012? WE won the division. So in 2013 when WE get knocked down, and finish last it’s because of the commercials? 

"If that is your reasoning I have nothing more to say. WE will get back up. That is what matters. I hope I answered your question well enough. And that you keep supporting the team.”

Following RG3's rant, Bears tight end Martellus Bennett, known for his random thoughts and questionable quotes, thought it was "lame" and had this to say via @MartysaurusRex on Twitter Jan. 13, 2014:


"Who still uses Facebook anyways? Lol. I'm going to release a statement on my MySpace Music Page." 

"Journalism type shit." 

"All I'm saying is that a smirk is one step from smiling. Lol." 

"Was it not politically correct of me to say or do that? Good thing I'm not into politics." 

"Have a blessed day. I'm everyone's BFF even yours. Even if we aren't Facebook friends." 

Then a follower called him out.

@Jaredkaufman: "Someone tell @MartysaurusRex no one cares about what he thinks." 

To which Marty B responded: "Blasphemy. You do. That's why you follow me." 

Then the Black Unicorn's social-media comedy spree continued: 

"I'm like Tom on MySpace. Everyone's #1 friend." 

"I bet Tom on MySpace was the world's greatest catfish scam. Wonder what he really looks like." 

"Don't get mad at me if your favorite players aren't cool in real life." 

"Lavar looks like a koopa troops and talks like Boomhauer." 

"Doo Doo Cornrolls @ the age of 42." 

"Look at all the fucks I give ………." 

"My social experiment for the day is complete. Thank you all for participating." 

No, Marty B, thank YOU for not filtering your mouth, or, in this case, keyboard. 

Bennett caught 65 passes for 759 yards and five touchdowns in 2013 and claimed he will work on recruiting his brother, Michael Bennett, to join the Bears in the offseason. 

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett has 8 1/2 sacks and will play in the NFC Championship Game against the 49ers this weekend. 

But the question remains: can the Bears handle two Bennetts? We may find out later this year.