It has been a few days, so I won't get down to every detail of how the Bears should thank God for the victory against the Detroit Lions in week one. But here is a brief summary.

The Bears couldn't hang on to the ball: Greg Olsen, Matt Forte and Jay Cutler all had fumbles. 

Where was Mike Martz offense: The Bears defense continuously pinned the Detroit offense deep in their own territory forcing punts. The offense couldn't score any points with great field position.

Red Zone: The Bears had four downs on the Lions one yard line to get the ball into the end zone and failed miserably. Instead of kicking a field goal head coach Lovie Smith decides to go for it to show bravado. Not scoring a touch down makes you look like a fool.

Anyway, I said brief. This week, the Bears have a tougher challenge in the Dallas Cowboys. They have play makers all over the field on both sides of the ball. I highly doubt the Bears will win this game because a wide receiver doesn't follow a rule.

Honestly, the Bears will have to play a great game from start to finish and pray for the Cowboys to not show up at all.

Sure, the Cowboys lost their first game to the Washington Redskins but it was because of mental mistakes by a back up guard. Dallas has professional coaches and have probably made Alex Barron run suicides til he collapsed. 

The Cowboys were a little off on timing between Tony Romo and receivers against the Redskins, but when they ran with one of their three stud backs, Marion Barber, Felix Jones or Tashard Choice great things happened.

Chicago has to bring the aggressiveness they had against the Lions. The secondary and the offensive line played better than predicted. Of course, the Lions are not a great team and the Bears have to prepare for a tougher opponent, but at least they have a positive base to work from.

The base not formed at all is Mike Martz game plan. It didn't look like anything was working for them. 

If Smith and Martz want to keep their jobs they have to put up touch downs, not only yardage.