Yes I know the Bulls have advanced past the opening round of the playoffs only once since their last title season in 1997-1998. However, after a great regular season, there is no doubt in my mind that the Bulls will have no problems getting past the Pacers. Here are my reasons for that sentiment.

No player on the Pacers can stop Derrick Rose one-on-one. With that being said, the Pacers will have to either double-team him at times or let him carve up their defense with his passing because he is more than capable of finding open teammates when he draws a crowd on the way to the rim. Either way you look at it, Rose is going to be a nightmare for Pacers all series long.

The second area where I think Chicago has the edge is coaching. Thibodeau was an assistant on a Celtics team that went to the Finals in 2008 and 2010. His defense-first attitude has worked well with the players this season and no one has his players more prepared for an opponent than coach Thibs. Needless to say this team will be ready for the challenge at hand.

I cannot end this post without giving a shout-out to the bench unit for this team. This second unit has to be one of the deepest there is in the league. They give the starters a chance to rest when it’s needed while scoring between 30 and 50 points on any given night and they play pretty good defense as well. The bench was a bit shaky earlier in the season but they have steadily progressed and I think that at least 10 players will see significant time in the playoffs. While most teams shorten up their rotation during the post-season, I don’t see the Bulls having to make any major adjustments to theirs.

With that being said, the Bulls will take care of business against the Pacers in the opening round of these playoffs and I will be looking forward to Danny Granger having to eat his words.