I put a video of some corny Minnesota Viking fans singing a song about how the Vikes are going to give the Chicago Bears they're best shot.

Honestly, it is going to be the other way around. The Bears have been playing some decent football lately, even though they should have been more impressive against the Buffalo Bills last week.

Quarterback Jay Cutler is still making some questionable throws but they're out numbered by the quality throws he has been making. Plus, all the blame can't be put on him, because although the offensive line has been legit in the last few games, it does break down from time to time.

Cutler showed he will run if he needs to against the Bills, which will be something he will definitely need to do against Jared Allen and the Vikings superb front seven.

Defensively, the secondary isn't by any means great, but it is breaking up passes and shutting down number one receivers.

The Bears will have to pressure Brett Fave and contain Adrian Petterson which are easier said then done, but I think it will be easier than past weeks.

After the Randy Moss craziness and Minnesota fans pleading for coach Brad Childress's job, I think a full breakdown could be in store.

Why not let it start against the Chicago Bears, who would be at the top of the NFC North with a win at home against the Vikings.