You may not always agree with your wife; that's part of being married and, well, being human. For John and Nicole Grant, their inter-marriage rivalry turned into a hefty fine and resulted in, what Nicole describes it as, a lot of pain. 

Back in November when the Bears and Packers played on Monday Night Football, the Grant couple decided to bet on their teams. John is a Bears fan while Nicole repped the Pack. The bet you ask? Well it wasn't money; it was the opportunity to shoot your spouse with a stun gun.

The Bears defeated the Packers 27-20 after Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers sustained an injury on the first drive. A few hours later, John cashed in on his wager and Tasered his wife. 

Nicole called the police and John was taken to Dodge County Circuit Court. Grant pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct and he was fined $250, according to the Chicago Tribune. 

Nicole called the police after she was stunned twice in the buttocks and once in the thigh area. Nicole claimed to never give John consent to stun her but a video on her phone revealed her laughing and doing just that. 

"Hell yeah it hurt," she said in the police complaint. 

This has definitely been one of the most shocking Bears-Packers rivalry stories yet.